Ideas for an assertive choice of laptop bag

Ideas for an assertive choice of laptop bag

Laptops, tablets and other current technology devices have become an important and almost indispensable part of our daily lives, so they go with us almost as a complement.


Because of this, the way in which we transport this work tool has gained more prominence among the accessories that accompany our daily outfit. From briefcases, to backpacks, to the most glamorous bags that we combine with the clothes or accessories we use; this complement is one of our essentials.


Usually, when you buy a laptop, it does not include the carrying bag so it is one of the first things we have to buy if we are going to use the computer away from home.


Nowadays, the range of laptop bags is huge and there are thousands of models to meet our needs. These bags will not only be used to carry the computer, but also the accessories such as the mouse, chargers, an external hard disk, notepad, etc.

But, "how can I make an assertive choice, which one is right for me?"

- The main function of laptop bags is to help us transport our equipment safely. There are different models available: shoulder bags, backpacks, briefcases, among others. Some bags can even incorporate accessories such as USB charging ports or headphone outlets. However, our choice will depend mainly on the size of our computer.

- There are other important factors that also influence when choosing the ideal laptop bag, such as the design, the manufacturing material, since it is important that the inside is made of a material that protects the device from any blow or scratch, and if it is water resistant, it is an added value, as well as the number of compartments it has. On the other hand, we need to be comfortable when carrying it, so we must choose a bag with handles or straps that are comfortable, but all this will depend on the use we are going to give it.

There are many different models and designs of laptop bags, but the most commonly used are briefcases, backpacks, bags with adjustable straps that can be worn over the shoulder or across the shoulder, or even briefcases with wheels.


- Briefcases: they are usually made to be carried with handles, but some of them can have an adjustable strap and be carried as a shoulder bag. They are made with more classic designs that give a more formal touch, with a more rigid and resistant shockproof material and usually with only two storage compartments: one for the laptop and one for chargers and mouse.

- The shoulder bags: they have the characteristic that they are made to be carried with a strap, either on the shoulder or crossed, and some of them can also be transformed to be carried by the handle. They usually have two compartments, one for the laptop padded inside and one for the rest of the accessories. However, there are thousands of designs to choose from.


- Backpacks: Unlike briefcases and shoulder bags, these are made to be carried on the back with two straps. This makes it much more comfortable, especially if we need to carry other things. Many current models include two or more compartments in which we carry the laptop, notebooks, chargers and other work tools, also, some designs include chargers with USB input.



Among all the variety we have to choose from, knowing the different models and the most important features that we must take into account when we choose, another thing and not less important that we must know is our workflow and work habits. Well, knowing this, we will know our needs to cover and we will be able to choose in relation to all the accessories that we will need to carry with us day by day.

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