Dress sustainably while maintaining your unique style

Dress sustainably while maintaining your unique style

The way we dress is one of the things we each use to express ourselves, identify ourselves and at the same time make clear our individuality as a person. It is an attitude that speaks about who we are in essence as individuals.

Fashion sets us guidelines and styles to follow, but even when we follow fashions we almost always look for that personal touch that identifies us. And it is known that fashion is still there, but the people who follow it are changing more and more. We are no longer satisfied with a nice garment that fits us well, now we look for much more. We look for garments and brands with a history and ethical values that move them, quality and not just quantity, exclusivity and feel that, more than acquiring a garment, we are making a contribution to a cause that goes beyond fashion.

Fast fashion, which is what we know as the phenomenon by which clothing collections are introduced following the latest trends, which are designed and manufactured in an accelerated manner and at low costs, which harms the environment and promotes human exploitation.

Due to this overexploitation and the increase of consumerism; and the imperative need to promote a change that helps us all, the most conscious brands focused on the creation and marketing of sustainable fashion were born.

It is not a matter of being radical and totally opposed to everything else. It's about making our choices by considering whether what we wear makes us happy, conveys our values and our personal style. Sustainable fashion brands give us the possibility of making an ethical contribution while we can have limited edition garments with which we can differentiate ourselves from others and put our personal stamp, because we are not all the same and we do not all like the same thing: We like to differentiate ourselves.

The concept of sustainable fashion is often related to expensive fashion and nothing could be further from the truth. We can find sustainable brands accessible to all pockets and buy clothes, footwear, accessories and other accessories with an even lower cost than we could do in the long term, buying in other reputable brands where they sell products of poorer quality.

There are many sustainable fashion brands with different concepts and styles. They give us the option to choose between different prints, materials and unique designs that flee from the established fashions each season and that accompany us for much longer. The possibilities are endless and depending on your tastes, you will find a designer or brands that you can identify with and express yourself through your clothes.

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